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Latest News for Samsung Mp3 Player

Samsung U3 (2GB, Black)... - Thursday, August 16, 2007
The Samsung U3 is the proof that a basic MP3 player doesn t have to be ugly and featureless--it s simple, inexpensive, cool-looking, and perfect for the read more...

Samsung SBH-300 Anycall Bluetooth MP3 Player - Thursday, March 30, 2006
Samsung gets the right idea with the SBH-300 Anycall Bluetooth MP3 player. Its wireless headset can be used for phone calls, too, if you hook it up to a Bluetooth-enabled phone. The SBH-300 has 2GB of internal memory to store your tunes, plus you read more...

Samsung SBH-300 MP3 Player... - Friday, March 31, 2006, Australia - 51 minutes agoThis 2GB Digital Audio Player has Bluetooth capabilities and functions as a Bluetooth ... It includes a 262k color OLED LCD display, MP3 playback, FM tuner, voice ... read more...

Latest Articles for Samsung Mp3 Player

Samsung D900 Red vs Samsung E900 Pink: Fight of the Beasts - by Amanda Dorothy
What's the reason behind the relentless growth of the mobile industry? The answer is quite simple-people are now more inclined to the latest happenings in the field of mobile technology and mobile manufacturing companies are constantly producing...more

Samsung S500i: Browse your way to ecstasy... - by Bryan gian
Our preferences do change with time and its in our nature to crave for more - no matter how much we have already got. Well, that's the way things go in this mortal world and it is the only way to keep growing. There is nothing like end to...more

Samsung D900: Looks do matter - by Adam Jaylin
There is an adage that 'looks do matter'. It also holds good with the mobile phone industry. Apart from the best features and latest technology, mobile phone companies are working very hard on the style and design of mobile phones. This is because...more