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b iPod /b Song Downloads Involve Plenty Of Fun- Sunday, October 28, 2007
Getting b iPod /b song downloads is always challenging, as there are hundreds read more...

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This is an ad produced by a student for the b iPod /b Touch. It has prompted read more...

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Found on: Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Rumor and Speculation Toshiba Fires One Across the Blu-Ray Bow What's Next? Motorola ROKR E2 With iTunes (??) TiVo Buyout Rumors: Barrons Likes What It Sees News Casket Furniture Eternaltainment Center Aquapub Pool Table Zero Grav Wedding Dress BenQ's BW1000 Blu-Ray Writer HD Trailers on XBox 360 Ecomodo - The Best of Treehugger Company Wants iPod Sales Halted, iTunes Shut Down Bluedot's BDP-1200, 12-inch Portable DVD Player Sony Vaio Carbon Fiber Blunders Yahoo! Buys Out Meedio Nano Channel: Teeny Tiny Laptops Hotter Than a $2 Pistol: What Now? Drip Shelf Alcohawk Micro Keychain Breath Alcohol Screener Antec FanPal: In-Your-Face USB Cooling Dell Launches XPS M1710 Gaming Laptop Sex In 2016 TechnoConcepts Aims to Improve Clarity of Cellphone Calls Driving While Cellphoning Days are Numbered C'ALL Future Phone: Phantasy for All, Technology for None Woodi CA-C360 MP3 Player Seems Nice, Lacks Pizzazz Homebrew Mobile Phone Club Founded Real Football to go HD Moooi Animal Thing Retro DJ Mixers Dying? NOELLE's Having a Baby Leica Disto A5 Laser Distancemeter Samsung "Yepp" YP-U2 MP3 Player Uono Cocoon Coffin Sony DVD Walkman DVP-FX810 and D-VE7000S E-TEN G500 Reviewed (Verdict: GPS Goodness) Coming Soon, DVD+RW DL Seagate Cheetah 15K.5: Perpendicular Quickness iRiver Enters UMPC Arena, Brings WiMax & WiBro Related: Homebrew Mobile Phone Club Founded full story

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Skype to offer Warner Brothers ringtones- Wednesday, February 1, 2006
How's this for a measure of ringtones' frothiness: VoIP pacesetter Skype has licensed music from Warner Brothers to sell ringtones for $1.50 each. Why? Because it's not enough for everyone in a crowded theatre to know your wife is calling when "The Bitch is Back" erupts from your cell read more...

Napster Not So Dead After All- Wednesday, February 1, 2006
Some guys get all the luck. Put your coffee down because the hot new rumour to hit the wires is that Google is considering acquiring Napster. I don't pretend to understand this: if Google wants to get in this subscription music game there seems to be juicier fruit out there (like RealNetworks - read more...

MTV Networks Announces Deal With iTunes- Wednesday, February 1, 2006
Hot off the heals of announcing their digital media service, Urge, MTV Networks gave a taste of how much confidence they have in that service by announcing a deal with their competitor, iTunes, to distribute MTV, MTV2, Nickolodeon and Comedy Central shows through iTunes. This means read more...


Apple Locking Up Universities With iPods- Wednesday, February 1, 2006
Is it just me or is Steve Jobs following pretty much the same path with the iPod that he followed with the Apple II way back in the 80's? Today brings news that Apple is offering college lectures via podcasts through several universities. Basically the deal is they provide the service and read more...

Nettwerk Vs. RIAA- Wednesday, February 1, 2006
Canda's biggest independent label, Nettwerk, announced yesterday that they are joining the fight against the RIAA. They are intervening in a suit the RIAA has filed against a family for illegally downloading music tracks. The privately-owned Nettwerk Music Group is intervening, it says, because read more...