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Latest News for Karaoke Player

New Via Audio Video - "Presents" - Saturday, September 15, 2007
From crooning along with Of Montreal to nights out with the New Pornos, indie rock can't get enough of irony-tickled karaoke. And picking up where the Blow's faux-drunken singalong clip for "Parenthesis" left off (and Stellastarr* before them), read more...

New Coral - Roots Echoes Preview - Friday, August 10, 2007
We recently noted that the Mabuses remind us of the Coral. In turn, one day after the UK release of their fourth full-length Roots Echoes (fifth, if you add the Nightfreak and the Sons of Becker mini-album), the Coral remind us how interestingly read more...

MP3 Used To Measure Inflation In Britain (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune) - Monday, March 20, 2006
LONDON (AP) - Those who keep track of consumer spending in Britain are keeping up with changing tastes - the MP3 digital music player has replaced the CD player on the list of goods used to measure inflation. The Office of National Statistics said read more...

Latest Articles for Karaoke Player

The Difference in Karaoke Music Formats - by George Yang
The current market for karaoke music is in three different formats: CDG, DVD and VCD. Each format is distinctly different in terms of quality, background videos, and music selection. CDG, or otherwise known as CD+G or CD+Graphics, is in my...more

The Best Karaoke Equipment To Enhance Your Karaoke Experience - by John Rivers
Having just a karaoke machine is not good enough for the serious karaoke enthusiast. Karaoke equipments add spice in your karaoke system. It looks boring and it sounds boring if it has no karaoke equipments, accessories, and decorations on...more

Karaoke Software For Inevitable Singing - by John Rivers
Before karaoke came in this world, people used to sing with the accompaniment of people playing music instruments. The singing is not complete without them. Singing in those times was quite odd because of the lack of resources. Then karaoke was...more