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How To Tune Better With Your ITunes... - Monday, August 6, 2007
If you own an iPod, there s no way around iTunes. Mac users have it on their computers as well, and it s also found on many PCs nowadays. Yet many don t realise just how much the software can really read more...

Get Music Off Of Your IPod... - Tuesday, March 20, 2007
I am no fan of Apple s iPod. There are better, or at least more versatile, digital audio player choices. I don t like being tied to the iTunes software or Apple s on-line music store. And I especially don t like the iPod s inability to play other read more...

EU Consumer Protection Commissioner: ITunes Policy Should Change - Monday, March 12, 2007
Meglena Kuneva, Consumer Protection Commissioner for the European Union, isn't pleased that songs purchased from Apple's iTunes Store are designed to be compatible only with the iPod. read more...

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iPod Nano: "Halo Effect" - by Eddie Miller
Apple has a reputation for excellence with its line of iPod mp3 players. All of its players have proven to be of the utmost quality offering the best music playback, the most amount of music storage, the sleekest design, the ease of use, and all of...more

Windows Media Player 10 vs iTunes - by Benjamin Wigoder
Microsoft were no doubt kicking themselves back in Silicon Valley all those years ago when Apple invented the iPod. Years down the line and the only way to put songs on the incredibly popular iPod was to use iTunes. This meant that all those Windows...more

How to choose and buy an iPod at good prices - by Gagandeep Dhaliwal
ipod is a renowned brand of portable digital media player designed and marketed by Apple Computer. The ipod is currently the world's best-selling digital audio player. The ipod family devices provide a simple user interface designed around a central...more