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NewerTech Unveils ViDEO+ Battery Pack For IPod - Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Newer Technology announced the immediate availability of the NuPower ViDEO+ rechargeable battery pack for the video capable iPod on Wednesday. read more...

ISee 360 :: Turn Your IPod Into A Video Recorder! - Thursday, March 23, 2006
Shoot Video Right On Your iPod Wow… you may already be able to watch video on your cool new iPod, but now you can take it one step farther and record your own videos – right on your iPod! That’s right, the new iSee 360 transforms read more...

DRM Is Evil (Reason #5,276) - Monday, March 20, 2006
As part of its digital music player reviews, performed an analysis that shows that DRM contributes significantly to battery loss. It specifically calls out Microsoft's WMA DRM, which accompanies music from Napster and Rhapsody:"It read more...

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How to Replace Ipod's Battery On Your Own - by Corey Liz
There are few products more popular than the iPod--except when it comes to battery life. The batteries in early iPods fail after a time (300 to 500 charge/discharge cycles or about two to three years) and just won't hold a charge. Even worse,...more

iPod Batteries and Accessories - by Dawn Rowlett
The Apple iPod has been taking the world by storm since the tiny handheld device has been released. The iPod has made it possible for people to download almost their entire music library into a mini-computer that they can take with them...more

DIY guide to replace your iPod battery - by James Turese
iPods are a great invention, however many have complained about the lack of playtime and poor battery life. Previously, replacing an iPod battery was next to impossible. So when your battery dies, its time for a new iPod. This of course proved to be...more