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b iPod /b Song Downloads Involve Plenty Of Fun- Sunday, October 28, 2007
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Gibson Guitars: Explorations in Innovation
The tradition of quality associated with Gibson guitars dates as far back as the late 1800s when Orville Gibson started the company with his skill and interest in the guitar. Probably one of the keys to the success of the company then and now is its tangent for innovation. This innovation continued ...more

Guitar Courses Available Online
Learning how to play the guitar by participating in one of the many guitar courses available online is a great convenience. The Internet has become not only a vast marketplace, but it has also proven that it is an excellent learning environment. Just look at the number of colleges and universities ...more

Types of mp3 Players: a Quick Overview
MP3 players are pocket-sized electronic devices that have the ability to not only store, but play music and other sound files. Although MP3 players are sophisticated devices and there are of many types, they can be placed into one of three broad categories. These categories include hard drive ...more

What You Should Really Know About the Sony Mp3 Players
The Sony NW-HD5 20GB hard drive audio player is a solid competitor: It certainly has a leg up on its wheel-sporting white rival in the battery life department, and it has a couple of navigation features that should make Apple take note. Sony has been struggling to keep pace with Apple's hugely ...more

How to Buy the Right mp3 Player You Would Really Love
Choosing to buy the right MP3 player isn't that difficult, but one player does not fit all. People will want different things from their players. MP3 CD players represent the best value: Most retail for less than $200, and additional blank discs are cheap. * Think about how you'll use the player. ...more

My Quick Un-biased iPod Review
Apple didn't do much new when it introduced the fourth generation of the iPod, but it didn't need to. No one has beaten the company at the portable-audio-player game yet, but with 75 percent market share, the only way to go is down. The fourth-generation iPod performs pretty much the same ...more

Increase Your Sexual Health: How to Have Great Sex
Who doesn't want great - I mean, really great - sex? Our sexual health is dependent on it. Of course, there is no magic "snap your fingers and have a great sex life" equation. Good sexual health takes a lot of hard work and time invested with a partner that you are truly intimate with. This article ...more

Improving Your Memory and Mental Health
Memory is a large component of good mental health. Without it, we'd forget phone numbers, people's names, or freeze up on a test. Of course, many of us do this anyway - I know I do quite frequently. So how can someone improve their mental health through memory? Here are some great ideas and ...more

All you wanted to know about ringtones
Ringtones are the sounds that mobile phone make to signal incoming calls or text messages. The essential characteristics of ringtones is that it can be customized to suit the individual's taste and that feature could be said to influence consumers so much in the choice of phones. Ringtones are ...more


How to buy a mobile phone handset
If you asked 100 people the factors that drive their choice of a cell phone, 80% would say the ringtone or the flashy design. Though personal preferences may determine how we buy our mobile phones, it is considered prudential that we factor other elements into our purchase decisions so we derive ...more