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Comment on Win a Free b iPod /b by Ryan- Sunday, October 28, 2007
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b iPod /b Song Downloads Involve Plenty Of Fun- Sunday, October 28, 2007
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This is an ad produced by a student for the b iPod /b Touch. It has prompted read more...

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Articles by Maricon Williams:

Business Cards with a Big Bang
Ever felt how wonderful it is to have your name in print for the first time? This is not just any ordinary printing with you name and details in them. They are your own business cards. Any other of these cards would contain names, addresses and contact numbers. That would be the typical business ...more

Print and Printing Innoventions
In ancient times, printing is done with the use of bare hands. This was called lithography. However, as we step in the modern era, the art of printing developed with it. The first thing that was invented was the typewriter. Said invention was indeed such a dramatic invention. Although it was ...more

Color your Commerce
Colors can be your trademark. They can be your representation. In fact, they can mean a big deal to your commerce. Let us discover colors. The colors orange, yellow and red are associated with heat, fire, sun and passion. Blue, violet, green denotes coolness, peacefulness and calmness. Come to ...more

A Solid Choice for Business cards
In order to keep pace with today's busy world, you go out with a potent handy tool. It must be so accessible that you can put them in your pocket. Tiny yet powerful, what do you think will it be? Whether you are a businessman, lawyer, doctor, engineer, model, marketing analyst, you are ...more

Are postcards worth their price?
We appreciate. We criticize. We laugh. We mourn. We are moved by postcards. Since its introduction up to the present time, postcard is still one of the best medium of communication. We can recall that postcards were used as means for brief communication. It was the best choice then because they ...more

Brochuriffic Printing
Brochuriffic Printing Tradeshow, real estate listing, data sheet, new product promotions and the likes will never be complete without promoting them via brochures. Perhaps, brochure has its own way of wowing the public and persuading them to participate, purchase or subscribe. But the most ...more

Flyer that says "Get Me"
Whether you are promoting an event, advertising a product or service, at one point you are might probably be tempted to advertise with the use of flyers. Flyers are handy. You can mail it, leave it or hand it out. In addition it is the easiest to make and produce. It is also the most affordable ...more

The Best Out of Catalog Printing
Marketing at your fingertips - that's the essence of catalog printing. With catalogs there is no need to present the exact product or demonstrate the services that your company is marketing. All it takes is a state-of-the-art catalog. In designing catalogs, areas of concentration must be ...more

Posters Can Make a Digital Difference
Busy people chase time. They rush here and there. They are too busy to look sideways, too busy to notice your ads. Now, how will you deliver your message? Posters may remain unnoticed and jaded. They may just be hanging their idle and empty, as good as not having them at all. If that is the ...more


The Wrong Way of Doing Postcards
Postcards can be more than just a note of 'wish you were here'. It can be more functional and can carry on a great mission... Postcards can mean big things. But how are we to realize it when we dwell and we believe that the traditional way of doing it is the last viable recourse? What if that ...more