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How To Improve Self Confidence At Work?
How To Improve Self Confidence At Work? Coworker problems, problems with the boss, less job satisfaction, no chance of promotion, insufficient salary, damaged self-esteem and so many other problems create work a pain for many of us. Some of us are very frustrated with our jobs and are ...more

Career- How A Personal Mission Statement Helps?
Which career should I choose? How to know if my present career suits me? Whether I will be satisfied with my present career? Will my career give me enough money in future? There are many questions that hammer our mind when we join a career. Even after we join that, the questions do not leave us ...more

Myspace Codes- How Should You Use Them?
All of us wish that we could manipulate our profile so that it looks good. Some of us have special requirements. We want to keep number of details private, only for few friends, but do not know how to do that. Myspace codes help us in personalizing the profile. Let me tell you about few of these ...more

Efficiency - Fight Stress On Your Desktops To Improve Work
Stress, the word brings so much in the minds of all people. Stress has become as common as the flying birds in the sky. It is very difficult to find a place where there are no birds, and similarly it is very difficult to find a person who is not stressed. This article tries to find out if ...more

Do we relate differently to family compared to friends?
So many times, you will hear from someone that they are so and so. They are from the xyz family. They would say. Their family is famous for this and this, they would add. Family and a strong sense of belonging to our last name is important to many of us. Even if someone's great great ...more

Ingratitude Is Hateful
We as human beings have many qualities, both good and bad. Some of our bad traits are not very harmful, but some are never forgiven. According to Hindu philosophy, God does not forgive ingratitude under any circumstances. God is most compassionate, but the law of karma is applicable equally to all ...more

About Fatherhood
For most of us, our first father is God. A large majority of the world considers God as their father; or rather call God as their father. God is father to all in such believing families. What about biological fathers? How does one become a good father? What are the yardsticks by which we measure ...more

Fate - How It Changes Our Plans
All of us are working towards some goals. All of us have some plans for our life. We plan for our future, our children, our career and retirement. We are always planning and trying to implement our plans. While doing all this, we forget to count fate, and that can give us a shock if we are not ...more

Can Love Destroy?
The title of this article is a little shocking, Isn't it? Because no one can think of love and destruction together. But love does destroy. How? Let us examine. There is a story of a prince in India. He was in great love with his wife and never wanted to be without her. One day, an enemy king ...more


Life And Sharing
Life is very precious. We take every day as if it does not matter. Most of us do that. Ask a terminal patient, who has been given only few days to live and you will realize the way we all spend our lives without truly valuing it. Think of your own life. Imagine that you will be die after a week, ...more