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b iPod /b Song Downloads Involve Plenty Of Fun- Sunday, October 28, 2007
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If I have more than one employer can I have more than one 401k limit of $14 000?
One of the questions we get asked a lot is, I know the limit that the IRS puts on my 401k contributions for the year is $14000 (for a person under 50) (2005) but is this the limit I can get from one employer or is it the total amount I can get from all my employers? So if I had 5 jobs could I get a ...more

What Is Structured Settlement?
The basic definition of structured settlement is, an allowance given to the beneficiary of a financial award. Normally any structured settlement happens due to an accident or injury. The person gets financial benefits through structured settlements in yearly, quarterly or monthly mode after ...more

Watermark Pads (Scrapbooking)
There are a few techniques required to use a watermark pad i.e. watermarking, embossing, chalking. As the first step involved is watermarking, you require a few things to make it and they are a Watermark pad, colored cardstock and stamp. You just stamp your image on the cardstock and it appears two ...more

Benefits of Jogging
Jogging is one of the finer exercise programs, which will yield you plenty of benefits. You can do it independently and it helps you to build a valuable physique by stimulating your heart rate, relieving stress, toning your muscles and also prevents a number of aging problems. It charges your ...more

Disposable Contact Lens
Lens that are used temporally and replaced after a specified period of time are termed as disposable contact lenses. A doctor advises to replace the contact lenses to maintain the smooth functioning of the eye. There are different terminologies regarding the types of contact lenses. 'Disposable ...more

Wine manufacturing process.
Wine is a product made from fruits like grapes, berries etc by drying them and later fermenting them. When the grapes ferment the sugar in the grapes convert to alcohol. They are available in various colors and textures depending upon the elements present in them. For example, the wine exhibits a ...more

How To Get Rid Of Smelly Feet
Your feet are made up of several sweat glands and per day they produce a pint of sweat. As the sweat flows through the skin of your feet microorganisms such as bacteria surround it. When these organisms excrete, they emit a foul smell and therefore your feet develop an odor. Feet smell even ...more

Prevention of Nail Problems
Nails are basically made up of dead keratin tissues containing fat and water. They are non-organic and do not conduct any function. But they are prone to several problems such as turning brittle, deformed, or getting exposed to various infections such as fungus or algae. There are various ...more

Taking Care of Dry and Oily Hair
Today, hair treatment is studied as a subject in cosmetic centers and medical schools. A systematic therapy is required to make your hair look nourished. The three main stages involved are cleansing, toning, and conditioning. As there are various types of hair textures such as oily, normal, and ...more


A Few Gardens Built By The Moghuls
India today, comprises of several magical gardens built by the Moghuls. The first immigrant to India was Babur who ruled the kingdom of Agra from the year 1483 to 1530. Besides being a warrior he was blessed with a poetic talent also. He mentioned a few lines about India when he wrote his ...more