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iRiver leaders in mp3players by Eddie Miller

The first multi-codec MP3 CD player was released by iRiver in 2000. Since this time iRiver has become a household name with their portable digital products and markets throughout the world.

The very first portable digital device that was released by iRiver was the SlimX. This was known as the thinnest MP3 CD player in the entire world. From that time, forward iRiver has created many new and innovative products such as flash memory MP3 players such as the iFP-300 Series and the PMP-100 Series.

iRiver is a strategic partner with Microsoft and work together to produce some of the most advanced next-generation digital portable players around. Other electronic partners include Phillips, Samsung Electronics, Hitachi and Texas Instruments.

Today, iRiver is a leader in development and manufacturing of portable digital devices and established a sister company by the name of Yurion. With this company, iRiver develops hardware and software solutions for the development and delivery of digital content. This business arraignment will bring us more quality digital portable players in the years to come.

iRiver believes in staying ahead of the competition by planning, developing, producing and marketing the reigncom products that will revitalize the world. They believe in producing products that are easy to use with easy access. Their products are created with fast and convenient interfaces for maximum use. In addition, they pride themselves on creating high quality products with the best designs to fit our busy lifestyles.

Their line of business includes portable audio, portable video, digital convergence, and multimedia content.

iRiver will go the extra mile to ensure that their customers the world over receive the best quality and most innovative portable digital devices when they shop for any products. You can trust in the name iRiver to bring you the best that technology has to offer when it comes to portable digital devices and accessories.

About the Author:
UK MP3 are the UK's foremost MP3 player shop and review site. We write accurate, unbiased reviews of all the MP3 players we stock, and have a large number of customer reviews, so you can be confident you know what you are getting when you buy your MP3 player

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