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Installing External Hard Drive by Max Adams

Installing an external hard drive is much easier today than even a decade ago. Advances in technology and software have pared down the steps involved in installing a new device. Instructions on how to install external hard drives have gone from multiple pages to less than a page. It is still, however, just as crucial as ever to read the manufacturer's instructions before installing an external hard drive. Although it seems as simple as plugging one device into another, some careful thought and research beforehand will help avoid some of the glitches that can occur when external installation of a hard drive is performed.

When you first begin shopping for a new hard drive to hook up outside, or external to your main hard drive, it is a good idea to compare specifications. If this is your first purchase, talk with computer-savvy people to learn what you need to know before installing a hard drive on your own. There is also a lot of good information available on the Internet that compares devices and gives tips on how to install external hard drives.

Installing an external hard drive is really more like "plugging in" a hard drive. Since the hard drive sits outside your main computer, it is external. Therefore, you won't need to open the computer casing and fiddle around when installing an external hard drive. You will, however, need to make sure the hard drive is properly connected both to your computer and a reliable power source when installing it. After you turn it on, you will have to use specialized software to finish installing your external hard drive so that your main hard drive will recognize it and communicate properly with it.

If you need a cost-effective way to store large amounts of data, you should definitely install an external hard drive. One of the things to look for when you compare external hard drives is how much storage is available and how fast the hard drive is. Storage capacity in external hard drives is stated in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB). The latter is the larger measurement, so if you have a lot of digital photos, music, or other large files, you should consider purchasing and installing an external hard drive that holds gigabytes of data. Once a 1 GB external drive was terribly expensive, today an 80 to 120 GB drive is quite affordable.

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