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How Can I Download Music by Markus Commodore

So, have you been wondering... How Can I Download Music to my PSP, MP3 or computer, easily and preferably for free? Well, here are is a step by step guide on downloading and listening to your favorite music.

How Can I Download Music on My PSP?
First, what you need to get is what's called a cd ripper. You may want to get a PSP video converter as well. The cd ripper will allow you to pull or rip music directly from your cd's directly onto your PSP player. The PSP video converter will rip and then convert a video file so that you can then watch videos on your PSP. This will allow you to watch as well listen to music and music videos at the same time.

Start by inserting the cd you want converted into your computer, turn on the cd ripper, select the song or songs you want to convert onto your PSP and then hit "extract" and "encode" to PSP.

If you want to upload music files directly from your computer, then simply hit the "Add" function on the cd ripper software or PSPvideo converter. Make sure that you select the "PSP" format as you are converting and uploading to your Sony PSP.

How do you download or transfer the music to your PSP? Connect your PSP player directly to your computer using an USB cable and then copy the MP3 music file on your hard drive to: "H:PSPMUSIC" where H: would be the drive of your PSP. Here is our best source for CD Rippers for your PSP as well as information on PSP Video Converters

How Can I Download Music to My MP3 Player?
All music on a MP3 player is in digital format. Because the format is compact as in a Sony iPod, they are able to hold a lot more of your favorite music than conventional methods like a cassette, mini disk or CD. In order to download music to your MP3 player, a computer with an internet connection is required.

First you need to determine what file format you need. The format depends on the type of MP3 player you have. For example, an Apple iPod requires an "AAC format". Other MP3 players come in either MP3 or WMA formats. So make sure you know which format you need by checking your manual.

Find a reliable online source where you can download music, either for free or by paying a monthly or yearly fee. There are also sites that are on a "pay per song" basis. Our recommended site offers all the songs you can download in 24 hours for $1.

Once you have found a reliable site to download your music, Login in, determine the music format (AAC, MP3 or WMA), and start the download process to your computer. Once downloaded, then transfer the music to your MP3 player using an USB cable.

How Can I Download Music from My Computer to My MP3 Player?
Once you have your favorite music or movie downloaded and stored on your computer, you can now transfer it on to your iPod , MP3 player or PSP.

Pick a song or songs or movie from the itunes application or other software program that stores the media on your computer. Connect your Ipod or MP3 to your computer using an USB cable. Browse your computer until you find the song you want to download. Then click 'Open.' click 'Edit,' then click 'Preferences'. Once that is done, click the 'iPod' tab, and then click 'Songs' click 'Automatically update all Songs' then click 'OK.'

The software will then automatically transfer the music specified.

It is important that you choose the right subscription site. Our recommended site offers all the songs you can download in 24 hours for $1 The proper music and movie selection as well as the cost of downloading are important considerations.

About the Author:
Markus Commodore is a computer technician and iPod, MP3 and PSP enthusiast and fanatic. How Can I Download Music? Don't have a good cd ripper or psp video converter? You can learn more about both at CD Rippers and PSP Video Converters And download music at All the songs you can download in 24 hours for $1

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