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Apple's New iPhone - Will it Change Everything? by Muhammad Jamil


Recently, Steve Jobs unveiled Apple's new iPhone, a touch screen smartphone running a version of Mac OS. Though it will not be available in the US till June this year it has created a lot of hype in the media. Steve Jobs in his keynote speech said, "Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything." That is a big claim. Will it change everything? I seriously doubt.


Apples's new iPhone is not just a phone. It is, in fact, a phone, a music player, a video player, an internet device for browsing, email, text messaging and a camera, all in one. It is a cool smartphone.


The iPhone allows users to make calls by simply pointing at a name or number in the address book. You can synchronize your contacts from your PC, Mac or Yahoo mail and stay up to date. You can also easily make a list of frequently called numbers.

The iPhone's visual voicemail is an industry first. You can look at a listing of your voicemails and decide which messages you want to listen and then go directly to listen them. It enables you to randomly access your voice messages just like email.

The iPhone is a widescreen iPod with touch screen controls that makes it easy for you to enjoy all your music, audio books, TV shows and movies. You can also sync from your iTunes library on your PC or Mac. Users will also be able to search through songs, albums and play lists with a touch of a finger.

The iPhone is using Safari browser and provides a very pleasing browsing experience. Safari browser lets you see any webpage as it was designed to be seen, then with a touch on screen you can zoom in on the webpage. Safari has built in Google and Yahoo search.

The iPhone has built-in sensors which detects the position of the device. When you move from portrait to landscape position the display also changes on the screen. With Google Maps you can get satellite images, get directions and traffic information. It also has widgets which give you helpful information on stock and weather reports in real-time with a touch of finger.

Technical Specifications

As per manufacturer's spec sheet.

* Screen Size 3.5 inches

* Screen Resolution 320 by 480 at 160pp

* Input Method Multi-Touch

* Operating System OS X

* Storage Two options 4GB or 8GB

* GSM Quadband 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz

* Wireless Data Wi-Fi(802.11 b/g+EDGE Bluetooth 2.0

* Camera 2.0 Mega Pixels

* Battery Up to 5 Hours Talk/Video/Browsing Up to 16 Hours Audio Playback

* Dimensions 4.5x2.4x0.46 inches / 115x61x11.6 mm

* Weight 4.8 Ounces / 135 grams


Apple's new iPhone is a cool device but it has certain limitations, e.g., non-availability of third-party applications, battery is not removable so when the battery dies the device becomes useless, internal storage is limited to 4GB or 8GB, no expansion slot.

However, the consumers who like new gadgets with cool features they will like and buy Apple's new iPhone. Enterprise and industrial users will largely stick to Windows Mobile devices.

About the Author:
Muhammad Jamil is the webmaster of is an online superstore selling pda cell phones, handheld computers, software and related accessories.

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