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Nokia N73: Magic Wand by Grace Lewis

Think of magical powers that would accomplish tasks at your command. Imagine forces that would connect you to people divided by time and space. Fancy a moving image that only the greatest wizard would possess, a device that would make you see the person you wish to be with. Technology, a contemporary appropriation of magic makes this possible. No more circumventing ... the device which realizes all of this is a phone ... Nokia N73.

Nokia N73 is a magic wand with superlative capabilities. Yet, unlike a wand the phone is wieldy and utile. Handsets are dyed in shades of Silver Grey, Deep Plum, Frost White, and Metallic Red. Each handset has an exquisite visual appeal. They extend it just as much to the sense of touch. A candy bar model, the Nokia N73 phone has round edges. Surface is smooth and glossy. The phone has an oblong screen, which exudes a high picture resolution.

Nokia N73 is a gizmo's delight. It commands first grade features of different kinds. Functionalities are nuanced. The phone has a 3.2 mega pixel camera with 20x Digital Zoom. An inexhaustible list of features has been appended to this mobile to accord perfect imaging.

Perfection is written on the face, that is, the interface of the mobile. The Nokia N73 is a Symbian Phone. Symbian is synonymous with Smart in the context of mobile phones. It is laced with 3G qualities, which make internet access, downloading, and exchange of data and applications effortless tasks. Nokia N73 exemplifies the tag line "Stay Connected". It hosts an avalanche of messaging options. The catalog consists of SMS, MMS, Email, Email with attachments, and Instant Messaging. It permits Video and Voice Calling.

Music functionalities of the Nokia N73 phone would make you dance with fervour and serenade a lover as in Shakespearian sonnets. The device supports Real Player Media Player, Music Player, Stereo FM Radio, Visual Radio, Nokia PC Music Suite Transfer, Playlist, Equalizer, and a world of other features.

A phone with fantastic abilities, Nokia N73 is a magic wand. Would you like being the magician?

About the Author:
Grace Lewis is an Internet Marketing Professional.

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