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2007 NBA Playoffs Betting by ecobika

2007 NBA Playoffs Betting . Ecobika NBA Playoff Betting. The 2007 NBA playoffs hit the hardwood later this week as the Miami Heat begin their difficult journey to try and defend their NBA title. With 16 teams embroiled in the fight for the NBA championship, here is a quick take on each club's postseason outlook.

NBA Betting Playoffs.

Dallas ? It's an NBA basketball title or bust for Mark Cuban's Mavericks this time around.

Phoenix ? The sun is setting of Phoenix's title chances, so it's either their time to shine or get eclipsed once again.

San Antonio ? The Spurs are the team that nobody wants to face, and nobody is picking to actually win their third title in five years.

Utah ? The Jazz need to get back in tune after their dreadful finish to the regular season or the music will be silenced early on in Utah.

Houston ? The Rockets boast some real firepower with Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming and could be the biggest surprise in the West.

Denver ? Can Anthony and A.I. keep the Nuggets from getting buried again?

L.A. Lakers ? Kobe, Kobe he's their man, if he can?t do it the Lakers are sunk.

Golden State ? The Warriors could give someone a pretty big fight in the opening round after their explosive end to the regular season.

Detroit ? The Pistons? drive back to the top of the Eastern Conference starts now.

Chicago ? Are the Bulls young guns ready to fire, or will they shoot another round of blanks in the playoffs?

Cleveland ? Is King James ready to claim his throne, or are we still a few seasons away from his first coronation?

Toronto ? The Raptors raised eyebrows this season but it will be a few more years before this improving squad challenges for the prize in the East.

Miami ? Dwyane Wade is back and with Shaq along for the ride anything is possible when things heat up in Miami.

New Jersey ? Enjoy the Vince Carter and Jason Kidd show for the last time during the first round because that's all you?re going to get.

Orlando ? There isn't enough magic in the world to get Orlando through in the postseason.

Washington ? There isn't enough magic in the world to get the Wizards a playoff win without Gilbert Arenas and Caron Butler.

Bet on the 2007 NBA Playoffs at!

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Bet on the 2007 NBA Playoffs at!

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