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Outkast -Why They're So Great by Steven O

As if I need to explain, there are many who doubt just why Outkast are such legendary icons in music. In a time where hip-hop music was dominated largely by the North, southern hip-hop artists were given little to no respect as far as being able to produce anything more than "booty shake music." Enter Outkast, a laid back, eccentric duo from one of the ghettos of Atlanta (East Point//Southwest Atlanta {S.W.A.T.S} to be exact). Around 1992-1993, they emerge as a lyrical force that would not and could not be ignored. Big Boi and Andre released their first single, "Players Ball" in 1993 and the single was followed by an album, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, in 1994.

The album mostly was an account of their lives growing up and for the most part, a motivational album targeted to the streets. With all odds seemingly against them, the duo went on to achieve platinum status for this album and the rest is history.

But when it comes to Big Boi and Andre 3000, you cannot simply base their greatness on just the fact that they are able to make good rhymes. Everything from their appearance to the deliverance of their lyrics makes them true trendsetters of their time.Picture this, two young, rebellious African-American males who are trying to do all they can to make it something out of their lives. They release their first album, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, and the streets love them. Their next album, ATLiens gets even more acclaim from fans and now the world is listening. But it's their next album, Aquemini, where Outkast really shows their courage. The duo begin talking about spaceships, time travel, conspiracies and other things that it would seem the fans from their first album just weren't trying to hear.

But no, even with the outrageous topics that the duo were touching on, the fans still in the end were able to respect the duo for just being themselves, while at the same time keeping it real. This is where the true testament of their greatness comes in. Throughout the career, even with their mind-boggling lyrics, outrageous videos, and crazy dressing styles, everyone (fans, other musical artists, non-fans) still had the utmost respect for them as individuals.

As much beefing, and drama that is often entailed in the hip-hop world, I can't recall one artist or group that actually expressed their genuine dislike of Outkast. In their 10+ year career! That alone should receive an award. And no matter what crazy outfit Andre comes out the house with next, or name he decides he wants to go by, or no matter what the duo announces they're next plans are, most people can do nothing but say, "Well, I'm not surprised, that's just Outkast for you..."

If you want to know why duo is so great, I'll tell you why. Throughout their career Outkast, as well as Goodie Mob and the Dungeon Family, have broken countless barriers in order to be heard, achieved success around the world, all the while, while maintaining the respect of all fans. Outkast are truly monumental icons of their time, and this should never be disputed.

About the Author:
Hello, I am an Outkast fan dedicated to the appreciation and recognition of Outkast, the super-duo that revolutionized southern hip-hop.

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