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Can Love Destroy? by CDMohatta

The title of this article is a little shocking, Isn't it? Because no one can think of love and destruction together. But love does destroy. How? Let us examine.

There is a story of a prince in India. He was in great love with his wife and never wanted to be without her. One day, an enemy king attacked him, but the prince did not want to go out and fight. He did not want to be away from his princess. The princess realized this and she asked the prince to go out for a minute. After sometime, a maid brought the head of princess to the prince with the dying message of the princess. 'Let our love not destroy you. You are a prince and you must save your state from the enemies. I am giving up my life so that you can carry out your duties properly.' Does this small story tell us anything? What lessons can we draw from this? Love attracts with the strength that is incomparable. View some text on these screensavers on Love. Screensaver- What Is Love , Screensaver- Let Love Flow Many of us are extremely talented. Our talent can create a big difference to the world. We can help the world fight poverty, injustice and produce a better life for all. But some of us fall in frenzied love. This love is all encompassing. This love takes over our life. We see nothing but our sweetheart everywhere. For us, all the other work becomes insignificant. We lose our focus and are centered on our love like a mad person. This eats away the vitals of our personality.

For a person in deep and fanatic love, nothing matters other than love. All other talents take a back seat and the only driver is love. This kind of love destroys. Love that could have been very inspiring, manages to destroy. This is the irony of love.

To save yourselves from such destruction, you must always keep a level headed approach towards everything. You must sit back and reflect. Find out if you are missing larger goals? Think about time management and thought management. Discuss this out with your sweetheart. He/She will surely help you in such a situation. One who loves you, wants you to grow. So discuss this. Think, reflect and make other goals equally important once again in life. Fall in love. Enjoy the bliss of love. But let that love not destroy your personality.

About the Author:
I write content for Inspirational, Love and Nature screensavers.

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