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Confessions of a professional poker player

This is an interview of one of Sweden's most famous poker players who recently won a larger online poker tournament with a total prize pool of over $75 000. The interwiever, Eric Isaksson owns the largest informational poker site in Sweden, Online poker information in Swedish and also Online bingo information, where this article was originally published. This version of the interview has been shortened and translated by Eric Isaksson himself. The interviewed player has asked to be anonymous in this version of the interview. Therefore, no names or anything else that can be used as hints or tips to find out who the poker player actually is will be revealed in the following interview.

You recently won an online poker tournament with over five thousand participating players. How are you feeling after this great achievement?

I am overwhelmed with happiness. Most of the tournament, I was somewhere in the middle of the field and had no expectation of winning. Finally, when we were just five people still playing, I became the chip-leader. Not until then I actually realised I had a realistic chance of winning. When I actually won the tournament I stood up and screamed of joy. After this I celebrated by taking a couple of drinks with some friends. It took me a couple of days until I finally realised what I had accomplished.

The prize contained a ticket to the WSOP (World Series Of Poker), but you were too young. Were you disappointed when you only got to participate in Monaco Millions?

No, not at all. Instead I was positively surprised. Mostly because of the higher entrance-sum, meaning my prize was worth even more money than it originally was supposed to have done.

Do you get nervous when playing against more famous players, or is it nothing but an adrenalin kick for you?

Neither of above. I always comes to the larger tournaments without any expectations since I know I will be playing against the best poker players in the world. I have no demands on myself to play at a certain level or reach a certain placement.

Now, I of course must ask if you consider yourself to be one of the "more famous players"?

No, not quite yet. I'm still not fully evolved when it comes to poker. However, I believe that if I keep playing and practising my skills I will be among the 200 best players in the world within a time period of 20 years. But I am not in a hurry. Actually, I am satisfied as long as my playing evolves and I keep making ridiculously much money.

I know since before that you also are a very talented blackjack player. You have been writing articles for such sites as Online Casino Information, and many others. What made you change career and go into poker instead?

Well, it's a quite simple choice really. The plus sides with poker verses blackjack are enormous. It is a lot easier to win, assuming you are a good player of course, and the fluctuations in your bankroll is a lot smaller. Also, in poker, you don't have to face the risk of being caught counting cards by the casino's Super Visor and immediately getting kicked out...

About the Author:
Gambling interested Internet entrepeneur, owning several popular websites, among them; Online poker information, Online casino information and Online bi

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