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Australian Open Debuts Cutting Edge Tennis Equipment by Blair Stephens

The beginning of the 2006 Tennis Pro Tour kicks off this week in Australia. The Australian Open kicks off the Grand Slam tournament race and offers an incredible opportunity to tennis manufacturers to preview the newest tennis equipment technology. Millions of tennis fans are watching closely to see who will reign and to find the newest and coolest tennis equipment and apparel.

Pros like Maria Sharapova are sure to show off the newest advances in products like Prince's O3 Hybrid Shark. The Shark line has undergone significant design changes since its last release, and where better than the Australian Open to debut their new racquet? Meanwhile Andy Roddick will be sporting the Babolat Team All Court shoe which is already available for purchase by the public. Roddick's racquet is sure to create a buzz this year since he will be using a brand new racquet from Bobolat which has been kept top secret until this week at the Australian Open.

The Australian Open also brings Lleyton Hewitt the opportunity to show off his new Yonex shoes. Hewitt formerly used Nike, but he has recently made a change. His new shoes will be available in March or April to the public. Barbara Schett, a European tennis powerhouse, will be using the new Wilson W6 racquet, part of their new W Line, designed specifically for women.

Finally, a number of pros on tour like Guillermo Coria and Marat Safin will be using new Adidas Barricade IV shoes. Although these tennis shoes are available now for purchase in several colors, Safin and Coria will be using special limited addition shoes. This special Barricade shoe line of only 1000 pairs will be showcased by players like Safin and Coria will have pairs 1 and 2.

It doesn't matter which player or line of tennis equipment, the fans and amateur players will be excited to see the new technology, styles and performance enhancement brought by this new equipment.

When you want to shop like the pros, you need to be smart about it. Intermediate players understand that the racquets and equipment the pros use are complicated and multi faceted. Just because Lleyton Hewitt uses a specific racquet or pair of shoes, doesn't mean just any player can use that equipment and then have the same skill or control. Beginning players should note that rackets especially can be hard to use without the control and strength of the pro tennis players.

Also, just because you see this equipment being used today, doesn't mean that it will be available for purchase right away. Premier Websites that can offer 95% of the equipment on the market won't have access to some equipment until a few months after they debut at tournaments like the Australian Open.

Here are some things to consider before you invest in cutting edge tennis equipment:

1. Are you looking for equipment to enhance your power or control?
2. Racquet Head Size
3. Weight of the Racquet
4. Racquet String Pattern
5. Racquet Grip Size
6. Racquet and Shoe Technologies

If you have a brand you prefer already, you may be able to buy without a test drive, but generally, the smart tennis equipment buyer should head to a local sporting goods store to try grip size, racquet weight and the overall feel of a debut racquet before you run out to buy. Of course, you don't have to buy locally - take the information you gather to the internet to get the best price.

Why use an online tennis store? These websites will introduce cutting edge tennis equipment faster than sporting goods stores and they will probably charge less due to low overhead. The best sites to buy from have been around for a long time and are involved in the industry.

If the cutting edge tennis equipment and technology appeals to you, you don't just have to wait for the Grand Slam Tournaments. There are industry websites like, Tennis Wire, which give you up to date articles and press releases from all of the major tennis equipment manufacturers. Use the information you find to start your web search for more information. When the new racquets are available for purchase, you'll be able to buy with confidence.

The Australian Open is sure to provide great competition and exciting tennis. Don't forget to look for debut tennis newest equipment and technology. If you want to invest, begin by looking online for user reviews and match your level of skill with the tennis racquet you choose. If you're a smart buyer and you choose wisely, you'll have cutting edge tennis equipment that will help you truly improve your game.

About the Author:
As the TIA's 2004 Top Ten Tennis Retailer, Tennis Express continues to set itself apart in the Tennis Industry. Tennis Express Team Members have years of experience in the tennis industry including coordinating the national growth of the game campaign for the Tennis Industry Association. Tennis Express ensures that customers get the best selection of tennis equipment at the best prices. Find more tennis articles at

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