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learn to play electric guitar in 30 days by zen86

How To Play the Electric guitar in Just 30 Days?

The 'Ultimate Guitar Speed Learning System' is a unique combination of digital audio, professionally recorded audio and video clips, images and text based learning specially designed to fast-track your mastery in all aspects of guitar.

1)How to read tabs and play your favorite songs in 5 minutes

2)10 easy ways to improve your guitar playing today

3)Learn to hold the 7 major chords

4)How to play your guitar "BACKWARDS"

5)How to hold a barre chord

60How to pick slide

7)And more FREE cool licks & lessons sent to your email...

There is so much in the Ultimate Guitar Speed Learning System. It is perfect no matter your skill level - from the total novice learning how to hold your guitar, right through to the top of the paid professional guitarists.

The secrets professional guitar players know about playing advanced level guitar ... fast. These are simple strategies that you'll probably never learn from your guitar teacher.

The secrets to creating your own unique, powerful and catchy songs any time you like with the help of an industry expert!

The simple tricks to getting lightening fast hand speed ... it's easy once the pro's show you how.

Hurry Learn now...

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i am a 22 years old author

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