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Start A Profitable Internet Record Label For Free
Who said it costs money to start a record label? Who ...more

Does hip hop music alienate?
I red few years ago an article that hip hop music ...more

The Wedding Singer.
THE WEDDING SINGER. This phrase probably brings to ...more

Learning To Play An Instrument? Try MIDI Files.
MIDI files have been floating around the Internet for ...more

Range Of Ways To Learn Guitar
There are many, many, different reasons why ...more

Drama DVD teaches you to become a perfect actor
It is found very interested in buying new Drama DVD ...more

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Speaker Shopping Dos and Don'ts
Audio system is here to stay with improvement catching up everyday. There is an audio system to meet everyone's needs. While choosing a speaker we look for quality sound. A variety of speakers are available in the market ranging from big ones, to small ones and mid-sized ...more

REVIEW: Lorraine Reid: How Can I Keep Him Lovin' Me?
Over a decade ago, rappers Chuck D and Public Enemy asked, "Who Stole the Soul?" Today, after Christina Aguilera's R&B-infused Back To Basics double CD and the Amy Winehouse soul explosion, the real question is, "Who stole it back?" Part of the answer can be found in ...more

Alice Cooper In All His Rock and Roll Shock Rocker Glory
Way back in 1964 a boy named Vincent Furnier convinced some of his school chums to take part in a talent event. None of them could play a musical instrument, but that did not stop them. They forged a band called the Earwigs, dressed up just like the Beatles and mimicked ...more

Rock & Rolls Motley Crue Are Bad Boys On A Mission
Mötley Crüe has been the bread and butter of rock broadcast stations and individual playlists for about two decades now. This all-American group started out in 1981 and have definetly made a major name for themselves in the rock & roll world. The group members, Nikki ...more

The Musical History Of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Tom Petty wasn't always a rock star. At one time, he was a small boy with rock star ambitions. Before he was yet a teen, he knew that rock and roll was his fate. An encounter with the King of rock, Elvis, spawned his interest in music. Early guitar lessons from Don Felder, ...more

How to Improve Piano Sight Reading
To play a piece of music you have never seen before takes a great deal of skill. So how is it, some musicians can do this easily such as session musicians and others such as non professional players of all standards find sight reading so difficult. Don't confuse ...more

What is a Master disc?
A Master disc is a disc that is supplied to a duplication or replication house for the information to be copied on to blank discs as many times as required. Whether it is audio, software, a ...more

4 tips 2 maximize online guitar lessons
4 Tips to Maximize Online Guitar Lessons After years of searching, I finally found online guitar lessons that work for me and I think will work for pretty much anybody. Like many of you, I am a busy body. I work a full-time job and go to school on the side. I’ve tried ...more

Barbecue Music
Americans disagree, often fanatically, on the definition of a barbecue. In Texas, where I come from, for example, it means smoking meat -- most prominently brisket, sausage and ribs -- "low and slow," with indirect heat from hardwood coals; variants on this, often using ...more

Online Guitar Lesson: Easier Barre Chord Changes by Learning The Box
Have you ever tried to learn a song that uses a progression of barre chords that are spread out all over the neck of your guitar? The faster the tempo the more likely it is that you will over or under shoot the correct frets. While conquering this problem is often a matter ...more

Choosing the right company to produce your CDs and DVDs
When looking to produce CDs or DVDs, regardless of the quantity you require, it is very important to choose a company that has the right type of equipment, which also guarantees high quality and exceptional service. First of all, when choosing the right ...more

How to Get Guitar Burning Speed
I once felt that no matter what I did, no matter how much I practiced and no matter how much I fought, I would never be able to play at the speeds of Guitar Gods such as Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai and all the rest. I had tried multiple guitar speed techniques but nothing ...more

Day 26
Sean "Diddy" Combs must have a mile-wide grin on his face this morning. That's because the hip-hop mogul's been seeing double these days. On next week's Billboard albums sales chart, one of Diddy's musical creations, Day26, will ...more

Fame and Fortune
Fame and Fortune It’s a great big world out there. Or at least it used to be. The advent of the Internet has shrunk the world down to a global village. Sending a message to anybody in the world is now as simple as clicking a button; entire encyclopaedias of knowledge ...more

learn to play electric guitar in 30 days
How To Play the Electric guitar in Just 30 Days? The 'Ultimate Guitar Speed Learning System' is a unique combination of digital audio, professionally recorded audio and video clips, images and text based learning specially designed to fast-track your mastery in all ...more

Irish songs
If you're intending to visit our Emerald Isle, then you're sure to end up in an Irish pub enjoying a session! So when you sit back with a nice creamy pint of our famous Guinness, here are some Irish songs you are likely to hear… Our Irish pubs are famous the ...more

The 10 Greatest Reggae Artists of All Times
While many may not agree with my selection, these reggae artists have certainly contributed to the reggae fraternity in a major way and should get the respect they deserve. The music that these artists produced will never die, as the impact made are so great that we are ...more

Who can benefit from Royalty Free Meditation Music?
Today, the audible and inaudible frequencies created by our surroundings and modern technological advances produce a kind of depressing white noise around us. Harsh, blaring notes combine with a tough competitive environment to make us feel depressed, dejected and ...more

Stress Management - Music can be used for Relaxation
According to research, music has an intense effect on the human body and mind. Music has healing properties that help ease muscle tension and lift depression. It has been used to help cancer patients, people suffering from post operative stress and even children with ADD. ...more

I Wanna Produce Music From Home
Learning Music Production from home is one of the most enjoyable things to do as a producer, you get to make your mistakes without any body knowing, you get to experiment without anybody seeing your tricks and techniques... Music Production is truly amazing. Suddenly in ...more

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