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The Wedding Singer. by Rosemary Domingo


This phrase probably brings to your mind the widely acclaimed 1998 movie starring Adam Sandler.Needless to say,it had little to show the actual prestigious role of singing at the celebration of a union that will bind a couple in melodious harmony forever.

Music,they say,sure makes the world go round.Marriage,undoubtedly,makes that circle called 'world' multiply in milliseconds.Why not celebrate its sacredness with music?. All things shall perish from under the sky but music alone shall live. The wedding song will forever be relived in the hearts of the bride and groom.

On this special day,music is a key element,as it almost always has been during courtship.Being the perfect wedding singer for an occasion adds to the beauty of it all.

A good wedding singer should have well trained vocal cords,reflect the personality of the couple,dress to match the occasion and environment and be very versatile style wise; Opera,R and B,Classical,etc as dictated by the wishes of the celebrants.

Consultation,therefore,is very important.The voice of the wedding singer should go with the feel of the occasion,soft,high,loud or emotional.Love songs have a life of their own.It is most believable when you are living it already.Give and live love.Same goes for the pianist or accompanying band as the case may be.

It is wise to be at the wedding rehearsal,get to meet if possible,the extended family.Chat to relax the people you will be working with: sound/DJ,technical crew etc.

The wedding singer is not just an appendage to the program.She sets the atmosphere for cupid to fly freely.

Happy singing and do not forget to warm up those cords daily.

About the Author:

Rosemary Domingo believes in the power and expression of self through the written word.With a Masters under her belt,she owns her creative arts business. She is a skilled writer with several writing genre to her credit.She continues to pursue her love and talent for singing.,

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