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Stress Management - Music can be used for Relaxation by Lizzi Loraine

According to research, music has an intense effect on the human body and mind. Music has healing properties that help ease muscle tension and lift depression. It has been used to help cancer patients, people suffering from post operative stress and even children with ADD. In recent years, music has been used as a powerful tool in therapy sessions to calm the mind and body of patients. Today music is one of the most effective tools for inducing relaxation.

In the current scenario as more and more people fall victims to negative stress, there is high demand for an effective stress management tool that people can use on a daily basis. This is where music comes in. Unlike other stress management tools like meditation, yoga, counseling or massage, listening to music does not require any special time or investment. This is one of the reasons for its popularity as an effective stress management tool.

According to doctors, relaxation music CDs and video can stimulate activity corresponding to its beats in the brain. That is why soothing music encourages contemplation and relaxation. The alterations in brain activity caused by music lead to widespread changes in other bodily functions. Thus music has an impact on breathing and heart rate. Listening to relaxation music CDs and video leads to the activation of relaxation response in the body.

Music effectively counteracts the damaging effects of extreme stress. It can reduce blood pressure, boost immunity and relieve tension in the muscles. Slower breathing and relaxed heart rate brings about relaxation in the body. It is even believed that music has the ability to reduce the risk of stroke and heart related problems. These healing properties of music explain the frequent use of relaxation music CDs and video in therapy and counseling.

There is another reason why music can be effectively used for relaxation. Research has shown that the change music brings in brainwave activity makes it easier for the brain to shift into a calm and meditative state more easily on its own when the need arises in future. Therefore, music has a lasting impact on our response to stress. The power of music does not stop there. People battling with high amounts of negative stress often feel frustration and anxiety. These negative stress responses can wreck havoc on the body, mind and life of people suffering from it. Music can be used to encourage a positive state of mind in people who are stressed out.

With so many beneficial effects on the body and mind, it is little wonder that music is finding a place of pride and importance in mind therapy. Different kinds of music are used for different types of therapy. The music used for relaxation is generally mild and soothing, and it has a calming effect on the body. You may choose instrumental music or music interwoven with positive affirmations to help you ward off the detrimental effects of negative stress. Whatever kind of music you use, it is obvious that music is one of the easiest, most affordable and effective forms of relaxation available to us.

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