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Speaker Shopping Dos and Don'ts by Victor Epand

Audio system is here to stay with improvement catching up everyday. There is an audio system to meet everyone's needs. While choosing a speaker we look for quality sound. A variety of speakers are available in the market ranging from big ones, to small ones and mid-sized ones. Usually it is the big sized speakers that provide the listener with a quality sound and power for a home theater system. But recent advancements have made some of the smallest speakers sound great.

Buying a quality speaker can be very difficult. The first requirement is to have discerning eyes and ears. You can get satisfying sound from a variety of speakers that fit every sound and decor that you may be actually looking for. Hence, eyes and ears should be sharp to spot the difference. As a buyer you should be skeptical of any text on the front of speaker boxes themselves. Charts, graphs and meaningless exclamations are sure signs of low quality speakers. Speakers should have a single label on the back reading the model, the name of the manufacturer, and minimal technical information about the speaker. So, keep a note.

Speakers are not cheap. You may have invested in a high quality entertainment system and a cheap low sound quality speaker. You lose the bargain. A good set of speakers is crucial for the performance of a home entertainment system or any system for that matter. If your speakers are not good, even a set of twenty speakers cannot replace just two good quality speakers. In simple words, your system will only be good if the speakers sound great.

One of the most important things you should do when shopping for speakers is to write down the make and model number. Then do a little research online, to find out what the owners of the speaker system say. You can also do comparisons with other brands that are available in the market in terms of price and sound advantages.

Another important thing that you should bear in mind before you buy speakers for yourself is to spend time to listen to several speaker systems to decide what you want. But don't just listen to the music or soundtracks the store has or that is played to you. The best way to judge a speaker is to hear how it reproduces the human voice.

If it is speakers for the home entertainment system that you are investing in then opt for a deal that comes along with the speakers. Many manufacturers sell all five or more speakers together, with a smaller center channel and surrounds. The advantage of these speakers is that they are designed to work well together.

The speakers should also have identical power ratings and frequency ranges when set to work for a five point one setting. They are so called because of five full-range speaker channels functioning together. Look for ranges starting at 60 to 100 hertz for the low sounds and up to 20 kilohertz for the high sounds, and leave the really low bass for a subwoofer to reproduce. Some center-channel and surround speakers may have narrower frequency ranges, as they don't normally reproduce some lower sounds.

Lastly, when you go speaker shopping don't be influenced by words like 'this is the better system.' If one speaker sounds better to you, go for it. You are the one who is going to be hearing it day in and day out. But be sure to take other things into consideration, such as the room decor and layout, and consult your electronics dealer when in doubt.

About the Author:

Victor Epand is an expert consultant for music gear, speakers, and microphones. You can find the best marketplace for music gear, speakers, and microphones at these 3 sites: music gear, music equipment, speakers, high quality entertainment system, and microphones.

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