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Important Theories on Electric Bass Guitars by Victor Epand

The electric bass guitar is a bass stringed instrument. This instrument is played with the fingers either by plucking, slapping, popping or tapping and sometimes even using a pick. It is quite similar in form and structure with an electric guitar. But comparatively it has a larger body along with a longer neck. Most of these are four stringed. The electric bass guitars came by an invention and an immediate replacement with the double bass for those in the genre of popular music. It provides a low pitch sound in any genre of music. Most of them are commonly solid- body electrics, though there exists a few semi hollow body guitars. The latter provides a more rounder and an acoustic sound. The neck of the electric bass guitar is one of the most crucial part of the instrument. The preferable size of the neck depends on the size of your hand. It is available with various types of neck shapes. The neck can be rounded, oval, flat back, v or even asymmetrical. However, if it is a five or six stringed electric bass guitar then you can expect the neck to be wider. This can have a varied number of frets. Some electric bass guitars have twenty one while some others may even have twenty four frets. Also, if you possess such a guitar, you should also posses a tuner. A tuner will help you to keep your instrument fine tuned and at the same time hold pitch. Invest in a tuner, that will be resistant to rust and airborne corrosives for this specialized guitar. Another important factor that determines the sound of the electric bass guitars is the wood that is used for manufacturing the guitar. Musicians from various walks of life believe that the wood chosen for the top acts as the single most important factor. It is important as the wood dictates the tonal quality of the instrument. However, you should know wood plays differential characteristics depending on which part of the instrument it is used. Though the sound of the guitar does not completely depend on the wood but it is an important factor to be considered. Uniformly the design and the skill of the maker also make a lot of difference to the sound of a single electric bass guitar. Another topic for discussion is the continuous debate over a five string and over a four string bass guitar. A five string electric bass guitar consists of a B string as the fifth string. This string is below the traditional low E string. Though most bass players are comfortable with a four string bass. A few players prefer a five string electric bass guitar. Those who are looking for an additional range of low pitch sound prefer a five string guitar. It also provides the extra effects when competing the synth bass parts. A five string electric bass guitar is also ideal for playing bass solos.

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Victor Epand is an expert consultant for guitars, drums, and synthesizers. You can find the best marketplace for guitars, drums, and synthesizers at these 3 sites: guitars, electric bass guitars, drums, drum sets, drum kits, and synthesizers, keyboards.

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