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College DJ Does Miami.....July 4th in Paradise by College DJ Staff

Just as Julius Caesar came, saw, and conquered the small town of Tokat in contemporary Turkey, arrived, observed, and began its weekend take-over of the 305 in Dade County, Miami! in conjunction with BestOut Entertainment rented a mansion on Millionaire's Lane in the North Beach of Miami to celebrate our wonderful Nation's Day of Independence! The weekend consisted of a catered VIP evening at Miami's exclusive Opium Gardens and several events in the mansion itself including an after-party Friday night, and a house party Saturday night. Although we will not name-drop, in attendance at the events were a few NFL players, Miami models, producers, and entrepreneurs. Check out the "White Party" and mansion pics in the gallery section below. This was just the first of a string of several exciting, exclusive, events that CDJ will be offering. If you were not able to make it to Miami, but are going to be in the NY, NJ, CT, Philly or D.C. area, be on the look-out for our next event-The Loft Party. Make sure to listen to and download the newest releases from your favorite artists here at number 1 website for college dj news, technology and information.

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