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4 tips 2 maximize online guitar lessons by Richard Brodie

4 Tips to Maximize Online Guitar Lessons

After years of searching, I finally found online guitar lessons that work for me and I think will work for pretty much anybody. Like many of you, I am a busy body. I work a full-time job and go to school on the side. I’ve tried paying for one-on-one lessons but quickly became discouraged. Eventually, I found online guitar lessons that were fun, fast, and worked. I got so excited, I rushed out and tried to optimize the processâ€"I learned guitar hardly any timeâ€"and here’s is some advice I've learned.

1. Don’t be tempted to buy a flashy guitar or a one that you’ve never played before. A guitar is like a tight fitting shoe. Don’t underestimate how important comfort is in that first big undertaking. Not being comfortable means not concentrating on the task of learning the online lesson. It really is best to find a good local guitar outlet instead of buying an uncomfortable guitar online. Try to focus on the bigger guitar manufacturers, i.e. Gibson, Fenderâ€"I prefer Ibanez. Also, talk to the people at the store and remember, since you are just starting out taking lessons, you don’t need the king of guitars. And in my experience, people’s first guitars aren’t maintained correctly or simply get hideously banged up. You can always upgrade later.

2. Maximize your online guitar lessons by consciously breaking apart the lessons and sub-lessons into smaller, more manageable part. Do this by using some of the money you saved to buy organizing materiel, i.e. notebooks, post it, dividers. Use these things to optimize your lessons and thus guitar playing. That’s right; you should take notes on form, theory, and what you need to practice. The longer you do this the harder it becomes to keep organized and properly look over your notes, so watch out.

3. Invite a more experienced guitar player to judge the usefulness of each online lesson. A more experienced guitar player can judge the online lesson while you judge him and the lesson itself. Now I’m not saying that your friend’s word isn’t gold, because it can be, but you should keep in mind that everybody’s guitar playing style is different. He or she may consider a piece of advice not valuable but you must keep in mind that he’s comparing the lesson with his values and perceptions. Try taking everything you learnâ€"including stuff from these online lessonsâ€"with a grain of salt because not everything will apply to you right then and thereâ€"but most will.

4. Practice, practice, practice. The best way to learn anything is to break it into small parts you can practice until near mastery. Then you slowly and carefully add the pieces together. That’s the only way I could make it work for me anyhow.

So get comfortable, expand your learning with notes, get help from a friend, and practice often. Also, remember that online guitar lessons can come in different packages, some not as good as others. I am convinced that the one I use is the best around

About the Author:

I'm a very enthusiastic researcher of things I'm interested in. I'm a bargain hunter and I enjoy sharing my findings.

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