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Free Download: Highwon "Sena N├Ątter" - Saturday, March 25, 2006
Hip hop and rap is no longer purely a North American affair. Over the last decade, hip hop music has spread around the globe and many local artist have created their own unique blend of the popular genre. read more...

Hip-Hop Superstar Daddy Yankee Sued For Copyright ... - Monday, August 6, 2007
Hip-Hop artist Daddy Yankee has been sued for copyright infringement because of a song appearing on his multi-platinum album, ?Barrio Fino.? The plaintiff, Victor M. Lopez, Jr., alleges that Daddy Yankee used without permission one of Lopez?s read more...

Guard Your Grillz (Or At Least Don't Buy 'Em From Flea Markets) - Monday, August 6, 2007
In the most embarrassing quasi hip-hop news since the K-Fed search engine, 7-year-old Floridian Bobby Tedesco choked on, then swallowed, a USD10 set of grillz his mom bought for him at their local flea market. What's worse? Doctors think he'll have read more...

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Hip Hop Ringtones, Yes, You Can Have Them - by Brent Wilson
One of the most sought after ways of making a statement about how you are is by using hip hop ringtones. With so many people looking for something unique, something that says that they love hip hop, many cell phone companies have found a unique...more

Hip Hop Mixtapes, If You Don't Have Them, You're Left Out - by Brent Wilson
Hip Hop Mixtapes, If You Don't Have Them, You're Left Out Hip hop mixtapes are one of the foundations of the hip hop music genre. It is often through mixtapes that music gets out for the first time. And, it is through these tapes that many hip...more

Latin Ringtones Mean Dinero for Ringtone Providers - by Anthony Wayne
Latin Ringtones Mean Mucho Dinero to Ringtone ProvidersBy Anthony Wayne Editor - Cool Ringtones Blog ( recently, when you thought of ringtones, you usually thought of hip-hop ringtones. This is...more