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Comment on Win a Free b iPod /b by Ryan- Sunday, October 28, 2007
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b iPod /b Song Downloads Involve Plenty Of Fun- Sunday, October 28, 2007
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This is an ad produced by a student for the b iPod /b Touch. It has prompted read more...

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Facts About Colored Contact Lenses
Colored Contact Lenses are the fashion statement of the day. They are available in shades of green, blue, and sometimes lavender. Colored contacts need to be matched to your skin tone for best results. There are four main types of colored contacts, although there is little difference them. ...more

The Many Types of Watches
Watches have evolved over the centuries and become almost a necessity. There are many types of watches all with different functions. If you are looking for a watch there are a few things to keep in mind. Your budget is important here. The amount you can spend on a watch will dictate what type of ...more

Healthy Diet For Your Child
It is the belief of most parents that children are eating a relatively healthy diet, but if not, they throw up their hands and give up. Children are then plied with multivitamins. Though this is not a bad thing to do, many children think they are candy especially now that they come in gummi ...more

Exercise Bikes - What's on The Market
There are available two types of exercise bikes. The upright bike is stationary and it resembles a typical road bike. Added stress is put on the joints because the pedals are positioned below the rider. The pedals of the recumbent bike are out in front of the rider so that pedaling is more ...more

Baby Stroller Reviews
One way of deciding if a particular stroller is right for you and your baby is to test it out. Another way is to look at reviews of the baby stroller to see how it stands with those who have already used the same model you are looking at. The reviews of four different stroller types will ...more

Voicestream Wireless - Change Their Name
The Voicestream Wireless Corporation has long been a leader in the world of wireless communications, including one way radio applications such as paging and beeper services, as well as two way radio communications like cellular and PCS. When Voicestream planned to become a leader in the ...more

T-Mobile Wireless - Looking After The Consumer
T-Mobile Wireless plans offer some of the lowest per minute cell phone rates in the industry. However T- Mobile has some problems with static on calls and has a higher turnover rate (38%) than most other similar cell phone companies. T-Mobile has plans that cater to casual users, frequent users ...more

Nextel Cell Phones - How Good Are They
Nextel offers a wider variety of plans than any of it¡¯s competitors, with prices from $39.99 a month to $299.99 a month. However what really makes Nextel stand out from other cell phone carriers, is it¡¯s line of customizable phones and interesting features. From rugged rain resistant ...more

Panasonic Cell Phone Accessories - Working For Everybody
If you check out cellular reviews and comparisons you will find Panasonic wireless hand sets (cell phones) rated among the very best available and the extensive line of Panasonic cell phone accessories are also among the best for quality and performance. The right accessories can greatly ...more


Audiovox Cell Phone Accessories - Cheap Online
Our phones already have lots of features built in, like integrated digital cameras, color display, even PDA's. Audiovox phones also have lots of accessories. With Audiovox cell phone accessories we can gain greater access to the world around us and have fun at the same time. Audiovox offers ...more