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iPod Nano: "Halo Effect" by Eddie Miller

Apple has a reputation for excellence with its line of iPod mp3 players. All of its players have proven to be of the utmost quality offering the best music playback, the most amount of music storage, the sleekest design, the ease of use, and all of these brought together in an affordable, appealing package. Each of the new iPod's have brought something new and intriguing to the table while still offering the same level of quality, style, ease of use, and price. Needless to say, the iPod Nano is continuing the iPod legacy and it is maintaining the reputation that Apple has gained through its iPod line of products.

iPod has gained what it calls a "halo effect," basically meaning that its iPod line has become so popular and well respected that it has spawned many off shoots. The iTunes has been one such feature that has become successful due to the iPod products. iTunes has become a very popular choice for downloading music both for iPod users and those with other mp3 players. The iPod line basically launched the iTunes method of downloading music and has made iTunes very popular and successful.

The iPod Nano has maintained that effect by offering the innovativeness and quality that make it unique. Apple is also using its iPod Nano to try to broaden its user base even more and attract more customers through its sleek, cutting edge design and technology and the simple fact that it is so small and easy to carry anywhere. Those who either didn't want to carry around the fairly large iPod or the featureless iPod Shuffle now have the perfect blend in the iPod Nano.

The iPod has changed the way that the world listens to music and, as long as Apple continues to put out quality products such as the iPod Nano, it appears as if iPod will be the leading competitor in the mp3 market for years to come.

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