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"Must Have" iPod Accessories by Eric Ackley

The iPod is becoming more and more a fixture in everyday life. With millions of iPods sold and over 5 different generations, it is becoming almost an essential personal accessory. So much so that a new term was coined to describe this market: the iPod ecosystem. With the growth of the iPod users base, there has been an equal growth of the iPod accessory market. You can buy dozens of accessories to make your iPod even more useful, available, or procted. Some accessories are:

iPod car adapters: Newer model cars come equipped for iPods. If yours isn't so equipped, you can buy a cassette or CD adapter. The cassette adapter looks like a regular cassette that you insert into your player. The CD adapter requires you to hook it into the back of your CD player, effectively making the adapter part of your car audio system. If you have only a FM radio, you can buy a FM modulator that broadcasts your iPod signal in FM, letting you tune into it on your FM radio.

Another handy device for use when you're driving is an accessory that relocates your controls from the front to the top of the iPod, letting you access the controls by touch, without looking. Great for when you are driving, or when you can't look at your iPod.

iPod Carrying Cases: You need to keep your iPod safe from almost everything. It is not really delicate, but it can be broken. Carrying cases protect the iPod from dust and dirt, scratches, drops, and also can make a fashion statement. Backpack and jacket manufacturers are making special pockets to carry iPods.

Remote Control iPod devices: Many manufacturers are making wireless add-ons for the various iPods. You can remotely tune a radio from the iPod. You can buy wireless headphones. Nike makes a shoe adapter and wireless connection so you can run or jog without tripping up in your wires.

Home Stereo adapters: You can interface your iPod with your home stereo system with amplified loudspeakers and docking stations. Speakers can be purchased to go with your device.

There are also downloadable programs you can run on your iPod to tell you where the nearest pizza joint is, or hold recipes for you.

About the Author:
Eric Ackley is a freelance writer interested in technology and home businesses. Visit the ipod blog at for resources for your iPod.

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