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How to Convert(Rip) DVD And Video to iPod Video by Joe Light

How to Convert(Rip) DVD And Video to iPod Video

1. Download, install and run "PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter". It can convert from DVD, Tivo, DivX, MPEG, WMV, AVI, RealMedia and many more to iPod Video.
(PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter Download)

2. Click "Open ..." button and choose a video file or DVD disc to open. Wait for the movie to start playing in the preview window.

3. Based on the aspect ration of the video source PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter will choose the best resolution for the output iPod video. Nevertheless you can select a resolution of your choice to stretch/squash the picture. Alternatively, you can choose a Crop Mode to cut unimportant parts of the video (like top/bottom black bars or subtitles).

You can also adjust the desired quality to reduce the output size of the movie.

In the preview window you will see what the resulting movie will look like.

When you have set the desired settings simple click on the "Record it" button to convert the video/DVD. Depending on the settings a 60 minutes video is converted on average for 25 minutes.

4. When the process finishes, launch iTunes, add the recorded file into the library and update iPod (under iTunes' File menu). And have a nice time!

Additional Settings

1. Video Settings

Video Frame Rate

Known as Frame Per Second (FPS). It refers to the number of pictures displayed in 1 second in order to form continuous motions. The default frame rate is 15 fps. You may choose 24fps to get more continuos motions.

When selecting higher fps, increase the movie quality and size a little. This is because more frames need some amount of additional motion data to be stored.

Brightness Level

Increase the level to make video appear brighter on your iPod screen. The default is level 0 (No brightness change from the original video).

2. Audio Options

Audio Quality

There are 6 audio quality modes to choose: 32kbps Mono, 48kbps Mono, 48Kbps Stereo, 64Kbps Stereo, 96Kbps Stereo, 128Kbps Stereo.

Audio Bitrate (in Kbits per second)

Audio bitrate refers to how many data storage is allocated to store audio signals. The higher audio bitrate, the better audio quality.

Audio Volume

You can change output audio volume in "Output Settings" dialog. The default volume level is 5 (original volume).

Stereo to Mono

When the output audio is set to Mono, you can choose which stereo channel (of input source) to be copied into the Mono channel (output). It is useful for some video sources (e.g. VCD) which use the left, right channels for different languages or for karaoke.

3. DVD subtitle(subpicture), language

It is recommended to use the native DVD menu in the preview panel to set subtitle(subpicture) and language. (Click "DVD menu" button on the right to show native DVD menu in the preview panel) You may also change the subtitle(subpicture), language in the program's Options menu, but there are some DVDs that require the change must be made in the native DVD menu instead of the program's menu.

4. Testing recorded video file

You can test the recorded video file on your PC using QuickTime to see if it works well.

About the Author:
Joe Deprice makes available online a collection of the best free download shareware video converters and rippers. You can find them at

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