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New Releases on Guidance and Music News and Ringtones
Skyway 7
"Passersby" is the spellbinding debut album from Skyway 7 a.k.a John Roberts. Our first exposure to John's truly distinctive sound came one fatefully foggy Monday morning when a Skyway 7 demo fell out of a big pile of mail and ended up on our stereo system. Instantly seduced by the hangover healing energy pulsating from our speakers we decided to give this young man from Sharon, Tennessee a shot and mailed him off a G4, a mixing board, a couple of old dust gathering synthesizers and all the "imported" Eastern European Software we could get our hands on. Half suspecting that we'd never hear from good ole Johnny again, imagine our delight when his debut album "Passersby" arrived on our doorstep   more »
In Stores Now
Guidance Recordings is pleased to announce the release of the highly anticipated debut album from Nuspirit Helsinki, a multi talented Finnish collective of DJ's, musicians and producers that has ascended to the forefront of the burgeoning European nu-jazz scene on the   more »
In Stores Now
Hi-Fidelity House: Imprint 5 is the final volume in this now classic series showcasing the very best in quality, unmixed house music of the deep, soulful, and timeless persuasion. In keeping with past installments, this version features exclusive contributions from some   more »

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