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History of the Jackson Warrior Electric Guitar by Vincent Roarden

By 1989 the Jackson Guitar company was the foremost producer of the world's most wanted guitars. Drastic and unparalleled, the Jackson superstrats were mimicked by every guitar manufacturer, including B.C. Rich, Kramer Gibson, Fender and Ibanez.

You may be surprised to know that the original founder of Jackson Guitar didn't design the famous Warrior Guitar. Instead, Grover Jackson left the company in 1989 and it was a man named Mikey Wright who was left to design the new and creative Warrior. The new design was radically different to the superstrat design which had made Jackson Guitar famous and therefore was a risky adventure.

The first Jackson Warrior rolled off the production line in 1990 only to be discontinued a year later. With no less than 5 pointy appendages (four on the body, one at the headstock) the Warrior was amply named. The design has been called aggressive and obnoxious.

There were two types of Warrior produced. Both the Warrior and Warrior Pro were the same except that the Pro was made in Japan and the plain Warrior was produced in America.

Jackson offered the following paint colors on the Pro models: Snow White Pearl, Ferrari Red, Pearl Yellow, Candy Blue and Midnight Black. The USA models offered a bigger options base: Fire Crackle, Snow White, Candy Red, Metallic Black, Eerie Dess Swirl, Pearl Yellow, Pearl White, Midnight Black, Tie Die, Metallic Electric Blue and Ferrari Red.

In 2001, a decade since the original Warrior was produced, Jackson re-released the Warrior model. They retail for about $1,200.

The overseas made Warrior retail for about $400 and are simple bolt on models with a wide range of pickups. The USA made Warrior is more expensive, reflecting the Duncan pickups, Floyd Rose tremolos and other superior qualities. The US model however, doesn't have the active circuitry, slanted fingerboard and pickup as the previous models did.

Quality of all models is first-class, and the upscale USA made models are easily competitive with the originals, despite some minor changes to the design.

About the Author:

You can buy Jackson Guitars online at great prices - whether it is new, used, hard to find and rare classics. Vincent Roarden has a wide range of Jackson Guitars listed online including Warrior Jackson Guitars, Kelly and Soloist.

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