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How to Learn and Play Synthesizer by Victor Epand

Are you tech savvy? Do you have a crush for music? Want to learn some musical thing that offers you something big? Well, if your answers to all of the aforementioned questions are yes, then you are positively made for synthesizer.

Now, in this case the most common question that sways to and fro is, how to learn and play synthesizer.

The most common answer is, go to a music school. Music school is the best option to learn synthesizer because this instrument is quite complicated. It is not only a matter of playing music, but also of handling technology. They can give you a professional guidance which is very much important.

But if you love to take challenges or you have already taken a New Year resolution that you will try how to learn and play synthesizer on your own, then here are a few tips for you.

- As I have already said that synthesizer is not only about playing music but also about handling technology. You need to have some basic idea about technology to play digital or software synthesizers. You need to understand first how the whole instrument runs and what its functions are. Try to get hold of every device of the instrument first.

- After this go for the conventional music lessons. Play notations. Start with the simple pieces, and then slowly switch on to the complicated ones. Try to make use of both your hands.

- After this, practice the rhythm part. Play as many rhythms as you can. Try out the chords, Majors, Miners, Augmented, Diminished, 7th, Flattened etc.

- A very important part of how to learn and play synthesizer is to know how to balance the sound. Synthesizers normally contain a good sound balancing set up. If you do not learn how to handle them, then you will not be able to play synthesizers perfectly.

First know the functions of the knobs that help to balance the sound. Know what does treble and bass mean. To do this, consult a good book. You can seek help from any professional player also. Believe me sound balancing is important.

- A very important and interesting part of synthesizer is the sound mixing part. If you really want know how to learn and play synthesizer, then you must know this.

- You must have an idea of sound effects. You should know what would be the appropriate effect for one specific situation. You have to practice all of these to handle this instrument properly.

- To perform well, listen to others playing. Notice how they are balancing the sound.

Do you know you can make the arrangement of a full song with the help of the synthesizers? You just need to know the procedure properly. To synthesize a full song, you need to know the functioning of some software.

Impressed with the instrument? Are you a little bit nervous? Wondering how you can manage to learn all these at a time? Do not worry. Keep practicing and who knows, someday you will be writing about how to learn and play synthesizer.

About the Author:
Victor Epand is an expert consultant for guitars, drums, and synthesizers. You can find the best marketplace for guitars, drums, and synthesizers at these 3 sites: guitars, drums, drum sets, and synthesizers, digital syntheizers.

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