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Building a Weissenborn guitar by Terry Buddell


Hi there! terry Buddell back you can see from the photo here this is then Weissenborn Lap slide steel guitar that I built a few months ago using only simple handtools whilst living on my boat! As a few of you know I also built a website which features slide guitars, lapsteels and a host of othere interesting stuff all about the fascinating World of slide guitars. For those of you who are interested the guitar was built from a modified plans of a Style 2 1920's Weissenborn using Australian Maple timber and the only difference from the original is that I made the neck 2.5 inches deep instead of 1.5inches and the body 4.5 inches instead of 2.5 inches... the sound is wonderful as is the volume and the rich tones... what makes the weissy sound so good? I have written a whole series of articles and posted them onto and there is a whole world of info to explore there for free! Basically I also wrote a book called How to build a weissenborn and drew out the plans and they are for sale on my site where you can also hear a soundclip of the guitar itself! Cheers for these blogs for more tips and free hints on building your own slide guitar for a fraction of the cost! terry buddell

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About the Author:

Terry buddell is a free lance writer and currently lives on his yach in Gladsone Australia. terry recently built a Weissenborn slide guitar and built a website, wrote a book on how to build a Weissenborn slide guitar and sell the plans for the guitar and the book on his website

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